Awakenomics Radio is set to launch this spring. Be sure to look out for our upcoming episodes of enlightening, solution-oriented interviews with the movers and shakers who are finding new ways to live on this earth. Economics meets global awakening. Stay tuned!

Awakenomics is the future, the past, and the magnificent present. The planet is awakening, this we can observe. But what we do with the newfound wisdom and how we translate our new knowledge of self and society into the physical world is still yet to be seen. What is obvious is that as a community our values are shifting. Environmental awareness, personal development, community, systems thinking, and radical honesty are becoming the fundamental building blocks for our new earth.

The planet is awakening, are you?

If you said yes, what’s next? Awakenomics is the roadmap to clarity, purpose, and vision in these chaotic times. Join us on the journey. We will walk you through the problems of today and demonstrate how we got here. From there, our understandings liberate us from the trappings of past mistakes and allows us to step into entirely new economic platforms. Together we can make possible heaven on earth, a new paradigm of wisdom in action. Gone are the days of corporate rule, resource mismanagement and workplace struggle. This is nothing short of a worldwide revolution. Are you ready?



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